Kirkibost Island

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Kirkibost Island
Gaelic: Eilean Chirceboist

Outer Hebrides

The southern tip of Kirkibost Island

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Location: 57°33’28"N, 7°26’11"W
Grid reference: NF753649
Area: 506.6 acres
Highest point: 213 feet
Population: 0

Kirkibost is a low-lying island along the south-western shoreline of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, belonging to Inverness-shire. It is divided from North Uist only by a sandy, tidal bay, Kirkivbost Bay, and at low tide the two are joined across the uncovered beach.


Kirkibost, along with neighbouring Baleshare, is covered by a machair system of coastal plains covered with shell sand, part covered by grass, with some sand dunes, fens and peat. Together with Baleshare, it forms part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest.[1]

Within the bay is a set of small islands; Eilean Mòr, Bior-eilean and Sròmaigh, all lying between Kirkibost and North Uist.


The island is important for corncrakes, various wading birds and overwintering wildfowl.[1]


Kirkibost has been cultivated in the past, but is now used only for seasonal cattle grazing.[1]