Hinton, Gloucestershire

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Not to be confused with Hinton, Sharpness
The Bull Inn, Hinton. - panoramio.jpg
The Bull Inn, Hinton
Grid reference: ST733768
Location: 51°29’23"N, 2°23’6"W
Postcode: SN14
Local Government
Council: South Gloucestershire

Hinton is a village in Gloucestershire, a mile north of Dyrham (with which it forms a single civil parish, 'Dyrham and Hinton').

The local pub is The Bull.

Battle of Dyrham

Hinton Hill from the south

The Battle of Dyrham was fought in the lands hereabouts in 577, between West Saxons and Britons, and it is believed that the battle centred on Hinton Hill to the east of the village. The battle marked a key moment in British history, allowing the Saxons to reach the Severn Estuary, and splitting the Britons of south-west from those of what would become Wales.[1]

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