Hasselwood Rock

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Hasselwood Rock is a skerry adjacent to Rockall in the northern part of Atlantic Ocean.

Position and characteristics

Hasselwood Rock visible as breaking waves to the right of the main outcrop of Rockall, its southern face shown

Its upper part is the destroyed cone of an extinct volcano, situated 200 yards north of the larger outcrop of Rockall.[1]

The rock is approximately three feet above low water, 43 feet in diameter, with an area of approximately 1,400 square feet. It is covered at high tide and in heavy seas, often only visible, as in the photograph below, as breaking waves. There are no sources of fresh water found on the rock, which is uninhabitable. The only other rocks in the area, those of Helen's Reef, are situated almost a mile and a half to the north-east.

Expeditions and landings have not been reported. The geological composition is unknown and not yet analysed.[1]


On 28 June 1904 the Norwegian steamship SS Norge, carrying 727 passengers and 68 staff members, on its way to New York crashed on the rock and sank, killing 635 passengers.[2]


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