Goleigh Hill

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Goleigh Hill
Trig point near Goleigh Farm - geograph.org.uk - 286307.jpg
Trig point on the hill above Goleigh Farm
Range: Hampshire Downs
Summit: 722 feet SU726308
51°4’20"N, 0°57’50"W

Goleigh Hill is a hill amongst the Hampshire Downs and reaches a height of 722 feet above sea level, a mile and a half west of the village of Empshott in Hampshire.

Goleigh Manor

Amongst the Downs, Goleigh Hill is one of the East Hampshire Hangers.

The top of the hill is open. Wooded areas on its flanks included Goleigh and Lye Woods to the west and Abbot's Copse to the east. Goleigh Farm lies on the north-western slope of the hill with Goleigh Manor in the valley below it. There is a trig point at the summit.