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The B8074 in Glen Orchy south of Arichastlich

Glen Orchy is the glen of the River Orchy, cutting through northern Argyllshire from Bridge of Orchy to the edge of Loch Awe below Dalmally, into which vast loch the river's waters are discharged.


Glen Orchy is about 11 miles long, and runs southwest from Bridge of Orchy (NN298392) to Dalmally (NN194277) bearing the River Orchy through the Caledonian Forest. There are no villages in the glen; just a few isolated buildings. The Eas Urchaidh and Eas a’ Chathaidh are waterfalls on the Orchy within the glen.

The continuation westward past Dalmally to Loch Awe is known as the Strath of Orchy.

The B8074 road runs the length of Glen Orchy.


Glen Orchy was known by the by-name of Gleann Urchaidh nam badan ('Glen Orchy of the copses'), and the parish of Glen Orchy was An Dìseart ('the hermitage'), a name appearing in Clachan an Dìseirt ('the village of the hermitage'), the local Gaelic name of the village of Dalmally.


Glen Orchy was one of the major homes of Clan Gregor until the clan was outlawed in 1603 by King James VI.


Glenorchy Camanachd is a shinty team from Dalmally in the Strath of Orchy.