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Glendurgan Garden


National Trust

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Grid reference: SW772277
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Glendurgan is a magnificent garden near Mawnan Smith in Cornwall. It belongs to the National Trust.

The garden was laid out by the Fox family of Durgan across the three valleys of the Glendurgan estate, and was devised with variety and eccentricity; the name of the garden itself seems an eccentric importation of a Highland prefix to a Cornish combe, which is otherwise named from the hamlet of Durgan below the "glen", although the Cornish language knew Glynn to mean valley too.

Below the garden is Durgan, a jewel of a hamlet standing on the shore of the Helford River with a sandy beach and boats aplenty.

About the garden

The garden tumbles down the valley in a delightful variety of exotic plants and playful features. It has several giant rhubarb plants and a jungle-like lower valley, while spiky, arid plants bask in the sunny upper slopes. Dotted down the glen are ponds filled by the bourn trickling down the valley. There is a distinctive a cherry laurel maze, created in 1833.

The garden was laid out by Alfred Fox in the 1820s and 1830s. In 1962 Glendurgan was given to the National Trust by Cuthbert and Philip Fox.


Views of Glendurgan

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