Bachnagairn Falls

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Bachnagairn Falls
Upstream from the footbridge at Bachnagairn - - 1003926.jpg
River: River South Esk
Fall: 60 feet

The Bachnagairn Falls or the Falls of Bachnagairn are a long cascade waterfall in the Mounth, on the upper course of the River South Esk, in the north of Angus.

The South Esk rises in numerous burns running off the slopes of Broad Cairn, which stands on the border of Angus with Aberdeenshire.

The Bachnagairn Falls are found in the high moorland, in a steep, wooded gorge near the head of the river, just above where the stream plunges through a scree-lined corries gouged from the hill slope above Glen Cova. Here the South Esk tumbles 60 feet down the Falls, through unforgiving, craggy rocks on Broad Cairn's flank. A footbridge over the stream here provides climbers with a fine view of the cascade.