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County Donegal
Errigal from Gweedore
Range: Derryveagh Mountains
Summit: 2,464 feet B928207
55°2’4"N, 8°6’42"W

Mount Errigal, or simply Errigal is a spectacular conical mountain in County Donegal, near Gweedore. Its summit is at 2,464 feet, which makes it the tallest peak of the Derryveagh Mountains and the county top of County Donegal.

Errigal is also the most southern, steepest and highest of the mountain chain, called the "Seven Sisters" by locals. The Seven Sisters includes Muckish, Crocknalaragagh, Aghla Beg, Ardloughnabrackbaddy, Aghla More, Mackoght and Errigal. The nearest peak is Mackoght, which is also known as Little Errigal or Wee Errigal.

The mountain's name in Irish is Earagail and it may mean "oratory".

Errigal is well known for the pinkish glow of its quartzite in the setting sun.[1] Another noted quality is the ever-changing shape of the mountain depending on what direction you view it from. Errigal was voted 'Ireland's Most Iconic Mountain' by Walking & Hiking Ireland in 2009.[2]


The mountain is most often climbed from the car park off the R251 road. The route initially crosses heavily eroded and boggy land towards a visible track through the shiny scree from where the ascent proper starts.

After reaching the summit, many walkers head off on the short but exposed walk along ‘One Man’s Pass’ which leads across to the second and lower of the twin summits. No special equipment is needed to climb the mountain, but caution is advised.

In popular culture

  • Images of a misty Errigal were used in the music video for In A Lifetime by Clannad and Bono in 1985.[3] It has also appeared in numerous music videos by local singer Enya, most notably in the video for "How Can I Keep From Singing?".
  • Several scenes from the 2011 movie Your Highness were shot on Errigal.[4]
  • The Goats Don't Shave song "Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal)" contains the line, "To stand on top of Errigal, would give me such a thrill".
Wide view of Errigal's summit


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