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County Antrim
Divis, County Antrim - geograph - 800358.jpg
Range: Belfast Hills
Summit: 1,568 feet J280754
54°36’41"N, 6°1’5"W

Divis is a large mountain and area of sprawling moorland to the north-west of Belfast in County Antrim. The mountain is 1,568 feet tall, making it the highest of the Belfast Hills. It extends north to the Antrim Plateau and shares its geology; consisting of a basaltic cover underlain by limestone and lias clay.

The name of the mountain is from the Gaelic language; Dubhais meaning "black back".

Only recently have the Divis area and its surrounding mountains been handed over to the National Trust; from 1953 to 2005, it was under the control of the Ministry of Defence. It was also used as a training area for the Army. It might have been released earlier, but due to the period of unrest known as the Troubles, the Government and military viewed the area as a useful vantage point, overlooking Belfast.

On the mountain stands Divis Transmitting Station.

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