Corrie Mountain

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Corrie Mountain
County Leitrim, County Roscommon
Corrie Mountain Windfarm 4818 edit.jpg
Range: Arigna Mountains
Summit: 1,503 feet G90166 20113
51°15’13"N, 8°8’30"W

Corrie Mountain otherwise known as Seltannasaggart is a hill amongst the Arigna Mountains which stands on the border of the counties of Leitrim and Roscommon.

The summit plateau bears the scars of industrial activity and a substantial quarry is in operation. Seltannasaggart is the second highest hill in the Arigna Mountains (and the 701st highest in all Ireland).


The hill has two names: Seltannasaggart Hill and Corrie Mountain (or Corry Mountain), which may be used interchangeably. The name Seltannasaggart is from the Irish language Sailtean na Sagart, menaing "willow-plantation of the priests".

Corrie Mountain South East Slope

The south-east slope of Seltannasaggart Hill, over which runs the Leitrim-Roscommon boundary, is the highest point of County Roscommon; 1,352 feet at 54°7’30"N, 8°8’52"W.

The Seltannasaggart South East Slope is the third highest hill in the Arigna Mountains and indeed is both the most southerly summit in the Arigna Mountains area and the most easterly.