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Coppingford Lodge - - 1021392.jpg
Coppingford Lodge
Grid reference: TL165800
Location: 52°24’21"N, 0°17’18"W
Postcode: PE28
Local Government
Council: Huntingdonshire

Coppingford is a small village in Huntingdonshire. It is found near the village of Upton, in the delightful rural parts of the west of the county, to the north-west of the county town, Huntingdon. In keeping with landscape, Coppingford is no more than a hamlet if that on a narrow lane, with the Lodge another farmstead to westward.

The village is now a wayside cluster of cottages. It stands on the site of a destroyed mediæval village, of which not a house nor cottage remains. Of that ancient Coppingford, the church stands and the moats of a large manor house and former roads can still be traced.

The manor house in Coppingford dates from about 1200.

The name of the village is said to mean "Merchants' ford", from the Old English Ceapmanna ford or the similar Norse word Kaupmanna, since the Danes held this county for some years. That there is no ford in the village nor any brook to be forded has not dissuaded this etymology, which is otherwise compelling. In the Domesday Book of 1086, when Coppingford was a more substantial village, the manor is recorded at Copemaneforde.

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