Commercial End

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Commercial End
Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck - - 242973.jpg
Grid reference: TL557633
Location: 52°14’45"N, 0°16’49"E
Postcode: CB25
Local Government
Council: East Cambridgeshire

Commercial End is a hamlet of Swaffham Bulbeck in Cambridgeshire. It was known as 'Newnham' until the nineteenth century.

The hamlet stands immediately north of Swaffham Bulbeck, at the head of the Swaffham Bulbeck Lode, to which it owes its existence, for Commercial End was the inland port of the village, through which produce was loaded onto barges heading along the lode to the River Cam.

Commercial End consists of a row of fine buildings, mainly dating from the late 17th and 18th centuries,[1] a time when the Commissioners of the Bedford Level were responsible for the lode, and during which they cleared the channel and straightened the banks on several occasions in response to complaints, to the betterment of navigation and trade.


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