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Cockpen is a parish in the east of Midlothian, seven miles south-east of Edinburgh. Its length in a northerly direction is 3½ miles, and its breadth 2½ miles. It is bounded by the parishes of Lasswade, Newbattle, and Carrington, and is traversed for about a mile by the South Esk. The land surface is flattish, though rising southward from less than 200 to over 400 feet above sea level; it exhibits everywhere a rich and highly cultivated aspect, and along the banks of the stream is often singularly picturesque.

It contains in the north-west corner the village of Bonnyrigg (two miles south-west of Dalkeith), and also the villages or hamlets of Hunterfield, Poltonhall, Prestonholm, and Westhall with part of Lasswade.

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