Christ Church, Warwick, Bermuda

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Christ Church

Warwick Parish, Bermuda

Status: Parish church
Christ Church, Bermuda
Church of Scotland
International Presbytery
Location: 32°16’20"N, 64°47’58"W
Built 1719

Christ Church is the Church of Scotland church in Bermuda. It stands on Middle Road in Warwick Parish, just opposite the Belmont Hills Golf Club. It was built in 1719 on land given by Thomas Gilbert, an investor in the Parish of Warwick.


The congregation was founded by Puritans who settled in Bermuda in the early 17th century. The church itself was built in 1719. The congregation was not then of the Church of Scotland, and indeed the worshipers were for the most part from England, though ministers from the Kirk were often chosen. In 1843, the congregation joined the Free Church of Scotland.

The church eventually outgrew its building, so in 1843, Christ Church planted a daughter church in Hamlitonl; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

Through the gradual undoing of the various kirk schisms, the Free Church became in 1929 a part of the Church of Scotland. Christ Church formalised its relationship as a full member of the Church of Scotland only in 2001. It became part of the Presbytery of Europe, which has become the International Presbytery. St Andrews however had joined the Presbyterian Church of Canada in 1975.

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