Chilworth Manor, Hampshire

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Chilworth Manor
Grid reference: SU40441835
Location: 50°57’47"N, 1°25’32"W
Village: Chilworth
Built 1904
For: John Willis Fleming
Country house
Condition: Converted to a hotel

Chilworth Manor stands in Chilworth in Hampshire north of Southampton and was the mansion house of the Chilworth Estate.[1] It is now hotel and conference centre.

John Willis Fleming rebuilt the house in 1904. The Flemings sold Chilworth Manor in 1947. In 1967 it was sold by Catherine Ann Young, wife of British entrepreneur Jock Young (CEO of "Unity Heating"), to Southampton University and the latter converted the house into a hall of residence for undergraduates.

In 1990, the house was developed into a conference and training centre. In 2001, AHM, a specialist management company, acquired the property. It is now a hotel and conference centre run by Best Western.[2]

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