Burn of Boyne

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The Burn of Boyne near Cornhill

The Burn of Boyne is a small river which flows through Banffshire, entering the Moray Firth in Boyne Bay, just east of Portsoy.

The river rises amongst the low hills of midst of the county, in the joining of two streams. The lesser bears the name of the Burn of Boyne up to its source: this burn rises in the slopes of Lurg Hill(1,027 feet) and flows east, under the eyes of the Hill of Inverkindling, towards Cornhill. The longer stream rises in the Knabby Moss beneath Barry Hill (863 feet) and from here it flows northwards through Glenbarry to Cornhill, Banffshire, where it unites with the Burn of Boyne. From the union of the two, the Boyne flows north to the sea.

The ruins of Boyne Castle stand close to the river's mouth.

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