Brotherstone Hill

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Brotherstone Hill
Berwickshire, Roxburghshire
Brothers' Stones on Brotherstone Hill - - 232614.jpg
Brotherstone Hill
Summit: 870 feet NT619360
55°36’58"N, 2°36’23"W

Brotherstone Hill is a hill of 807 feet near St Boswells and the Eildon Hills on the boundary of Berwickshire with Roxburghshire.

To the east of its summit plateau, on a knoll 804 feet above sea level, stand the two standing stones which give the hill its name; stones dating from the megalithic age. The stones differ in height (one 8 feet high and the other 5 feet 3 inches) and stand 17 yards apart. The stones mark the boundary between the two counties.

On the slopes of the hill is Brotherstone Farm, situated off a minor road, between the villages of Gattonside and Smailholm.

The Brothers' Stones

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