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Bow Castle


The remains of Bow Castle Broch - - 225213.jpg
Bow Castle Broch
Type: Broch
Grid reference: NT46134171
Location: 55°39’57"N, 2°51’28"W
Built Iron Age
Material: Stone

Bow Castle is the remains of an Iron Age broch near the Gala Water, in southernmost Midlothian, in the parish of Stow. It is a very rare exampole of this form of construction so far south.


Bow Castle stands on level ground on the edge of a steep slope southwest of the valley of the Gala Water.[1] The broch has a wall 13 feet thick, enclosing an area 32 feet in diameter.[1]

The broch is the only one to be found in Midlothian, and in the wider area of the Tweed Basin there are only two others: Torwoodlee Broch in Selkirkshire, and Edin's Hall Broch in Berwickshire.


The structure was excavated in 1890 when pottery, including some 2nd-century Roman amphora fragments, were found.[1] In 1922 a 2nd-century Roman enamelled bronze brooch in the form of a cockerel was found among the ruins of the wall.[1]

Information concerning the dating and use of the broch is limited due to the lack of modern excavations.[1] However, Torwoodlee Broch, two miles to the north, was built and destroyed during the Roman occupations of Valentia and it is likely that Bow Castle shared a similar history.[1]

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