Amberley Wild Brooks

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Amberley Wild Brooks

Amberley Wild Brooks or Amberley Wildbrooks is an inland wetland site in the valley of the River Arun in Sussex, to the west of Storrington.

An area of 198 acres is a nature reserve managed by the Sussex Wildlife Trust[1] while a wider area, covering 809 acres, has been designated a biological 'Site of Special Scientific Interest'[2] and a Nature Conservation Review Site. It is also part of the Arun Valley Ramsar site,[3] and a Special Protection Area.

This area of grazing marsh, which is dissected by drainage ditches, has a number of uncommon invertebrates, particularly dragonflies, and 156 species of flowering plants have been recorded. It is also important for wintering birds, with nationally significant numbers of teal, shoveler and Bewick’s swan. There are two rare snails, Anisus vorticulus and Pseudamnicola confusa.< ref name=dsv/>


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