Achillbeg Lighthouse

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Achillbeg Lighthouse

County Mayo

Achillbeg Lighthouse
Grid reference: L71949159
Location: 53°51’31"N, 9°56’50"W
Height: 30 feet
Tower shape: Square building with tower
Light: Fl WR 5s
Focal height: 184 feet
Range: White 16 nautical miles
Red 18 / 11 nautical miles
Built 1965
Owned by: Commissioners of Irish Lights
Website: Achillbeg Lighthouse

Achillbeg Lighthouse stands on the southern tip of Achillbeg, a small island off the south shore of Achill Island, on the Atlantic coast of County Mayo. The lighthouse was established on the 28th September 1965, to coincide with the closure of the lighthouse on Clare Island.


The Clare Island Lighthouse was built in 1806, but because of its height above mean high water, the light was frequently obscured by fog or low cloud. The suitability of Clare Island was questioned by the Commissioners' Inspecting Committee in 1863 and 1867 in view of the establishment of the new light at Blackrock Mayo. Achillbeg was mentioned at that time as a suitable alternative but nothing was actually done as sanction was not forthcoming from Trinity House. Achillbeg was again considered in 1871, 1873 and 1909, but eventually it was decided to refurbish the Clare Island light. This was done in 1914.

The move to Achillbeg was made instead of automating Clare Island's light, which was abandoned. Work began in May 1964 and the lighthouse was built by the Commissioners' building workforce assisted by a number of islanders. Donkeys were also supplied by islanders for transport.

The light

Achillbeg Lighthouse is a square concrete building with a tower or murette 30 feet high on which the lantern is mounted. Power for the light is provided by mains electricity. In the event of a mains failure during the hours of darkness a standby generator takes over.

The light is sectored red and white and has a character of one flash every 5 seconds. The sectors are as follows:

  • Red 262° - 281°
  • White 281° - 342°
  • Red 342° - 060°
  • White 060° - 092°
  • Red 092° - 099° (intensified red sector over Bills Rock)
  • White 099° - 118° (obscured by Clare Island and the Bills Rock)

In 1991 Achillbeg was linked to the Remote Control and Monitoring System based at the Commission's centre in Dún Laoghaire.

A helicopter landing pad for Achillbeg Lighthouse was built in 1998.

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