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Wikishire is a freely-editable wiki. To ensure the consistency and integrity of the project however, there are set policies which must be followed in the creation and editing of articles, and guidelines within them. A breach of the policies will result in the reversal of edits. In the case of repeated editing in breach of Wikishire policy it may result in a contributor's being banned from Wikishire.

Spamming pages, which includes promotional material unrelated to Wikishire's theme and objectives, is not permitted: such material will be deleted immediately and without warning and the contributor and his IP address will be permanently banned at once.

The current policies are listed below:

List of policies

Content licensing

All content on Wikishire is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence, and by adding material you are agreeing to the application of that licence to the content. For detail, please refer to the Terms of Use