Snabrough Broch

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Snabrough broch


Snabrough broch in the background
Type: Broch
Grid reference: HP56830271
Location: 60°42’13"N, 0°57’39"W
Built Iron Age

Snabrough Broch is a ruined broch on Shetland's northernmost island, Unst. It overlooks Snabrough Loch.

The broch m ay be found by the loch south of Burragarth, about 500 yards east of Bluemull Sound. It stands on a short, low promontory on the loch shore, and is surrounded to the north by rolling cultivable land.[1]


Snabrough Broch has an external diameter of around 60 feet.[1] Little of its structure can be seen, but traces of the inner and outer faces of the broch wall are on the southeast side.[1] The entrance is on the north-west side, but is filled with debris.[1] The broch was visited by the antiquarian George Low in the 18th century, who noted "large hollow apartments ... following the curve of the wall"; these are no longer visible.[1]

On the landward side of the broch there was an outer wall or rampart with a ditch, which curved across the broad neck of the promontory.[1] Between the outer wall and the broch there may have been some out-buildings.[1]

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