Rivey Hill

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Rivey Hill
Rivey Hill watertower.JPG
The watertower on Rivey Hill
Summit: 367 feet TL567480
52°6’29"N, 0°17’12"E

Rivey Hill is a hill overlooking Linton in Cambridgeshire. It is the highest point for several miles around and stands at the impressive height (for a Cambridgeshire hill) of 367 feet. The hill has steep sides going down into Linton and a of 69 feet. It is crowned by a large water tower which identifies it when seen from a long way off; the highest point is on private land but a footpath crosses near the top, ascending from Linton.

The ascent of the hill is the start of a pleasant circular walk, detailed in Jarrold's Walks in Cambridgeshire, which goes north from the top to the Roman road, follows this over Hildersham Hill (312 feet) for two miles, then descends to Hildersham and goes back along the valley of the River Granta to Linton.