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Gamrie Parish Church

Gamrie is a parish in north-eastern Banffshire, 6½ miles east of Banff, containing the burgh of Macduff and the villages of Crovie and Gardenstown. The name of this place, in the Gaelic language, has reference to a memorable victory obtained here over the Danes, by the Thane of Buchan, about the commencement of the 11th century, in gratitude for which, and in fulfilment of his vow, he erected the ancient church in the year 1004, which date may be seen over one of its windows. The present church, erected in 1830, and situated in a central part of the parish, is a handsome structure in the later English style.

To the east and south the boundaries of the parish coincide with the county border with Aberdeenshire. To the west lies the Banffshire parish of Alvah. To the north is the North Sea.

The A98 and A947 roads pass through the parish linking Macduff to the Aberdeenshire towns of Fraserburgh and Turiff respectively.

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