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Aerial photo of Findhorn Bay, with the east end of the Culbin Forest at right and the estuary of the River Findhorn at centre.

Findhorn Bay is a large tidal basin on the Morayshire coast. It is enclosed by the villages of Kinloss and Findhorn to the East, and Culbin Forest to the West. It drains the river Findhorn and the Muckle Burn.

Opposite Findhorn Village, the beach is home to a mixed colony of Grey and Common Seals. Common eiders can be seen offshore and herring gulls fly around the general area. On the southern side of the bay, there is a brackish pool frequented by waders such as the Greenshank in migrant season.

In the winter, the bay is home to a roost of at least 10,000 Pink-Footed Geese.[1] The flock is exploited by fowlers, leading to some tensions locally with animal-lovers.

The bay is deepest in the channel leading out to the Moray Firth, reaching up to 30 feet. Other than that, the bay is predominantly shallow, the average depth being circa six feet. Due this safety, and lack of strong swell, the bay is popular with amateur sailors and windsurfers.


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