Ben Vorlich, Dunbartonshire

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Ben Vorlich
Ben Vorlich from Ben Vane.jpg
Ben Vorlich from Ben Vane
Range: Arrochar Alps
Summit: 3,094 feet NN295124
56°16’24"N, 4°45’19"W

Ben Vorlich is a mountain rising up between the northernmost part of Dunbartonshire, west of the northern stretch of Loch Lomond, between it and Loch Sloy. Ben Vorlich is one of the Arrochar Alps, though it lies separate from the other peaks in the range, with its own large topographic prominence. This is the highest part of Dunbartonshire and Ben Vorlich is the county's highest point.

The mountain's name is from the Gaelic Beinn Mhùrlaig meaning "hill of the bay".

The peak forms a north-south ridge on the western side of Loch Lomond, with a subsidiary ridge known as Little Hills running from the summit east down to the shores of the loch. There are three small summits around ½ mile apart along the main ridge; the central one is the highest, though the southern one has a trig point.


The A82 road and the West Highland railway line run on the eastern side of Ben Vorlich, above the shoreline of Loch Lomond, but far enough down not to spoil the mountain and to give climbers a good challenge.

There is no single route up Ben Vorlich, so a visitor has a good choice. Most walkers elect to follow one of the ridges: several points on the southern ridge may be reached by way of the track leading to Loch Sloy, the Little Hills can be climbed from Ardvorlich on the lochside and an ascent of the northern ridge is usually commenced from a point between Ardlui and Inverarnan.

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