Invermark Castle

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Invermark Castle


Invermark Castle, Glen Esk.JPG
Invermark Castle
Type: tower house
Condition: roofless, abandoned

Invermark Castle is an oblong tower house dating from the 16th century, at the east of Loch Lee in Angus.[1] It is near the head of Glen Esk.[1]


The present castle is on the site of a 14th-century castle.[2] The castle belonged to the Lindsays of Crawford, Lanarkshire|Crawford. It was designed to control Highland marauders. It was here that David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford died in 1558.[1]

The present castle was built in the 16th century, and heightened in the early 17th century.[1] The castle was abandoned in 1803.[2]


The 16th-century castle was a three-storey structure, having a corbelled parapet and parapet walk.[1] The additions were another storey and a garret, and a two-storey angle-tower.[1] The castle walls have rounded corners. Two massive chimney-stacks have window-openings giving the garret light.[1]

The entrance, at first floor level, was reached by a movable timber bridge or stair.[1] The entrance, a rounded arch,[2] which still has an iron yett, led to the hall, to which a small room is attached. A wheel stair was the only access to the vaulted basement. The turnpike stair by which access could be gained to the upper floors, which were also subdivided, no longer exists.[1]

There are foundations of outbuildings to the east and south of the tower; material known to have been robbed from the site to build the parish church probably came from here.[2]


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