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Witchford Hundred in Cambridgeshire

Witchford is a hundred of Cambridgeshire, in the north-west of the county, forming part of the Isle of Ely, adjacent to the borders with Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire. It is split into North and South Witchford which are often considered hundreds in their own right. North Witchford is bordered by Wisbech to the north; by South Witchford to the south; by Huntingdonshire to the south-west; and by Northamptonshire to the north-west. South Witchford is bordered by Ely to the east; by Staploe to the south-east; by Chesterton and Northstow to the south; by Papworth to the south-west; and by Huntingdonshire to the west.

In 2011, North Witchford had a population of 54,438, and South Witchford, 17,766, giving a total of 72,204 for Witchford as a whole.

North Witchford comprises the ancient parishes of:

South Witchford comprises the ancient parishes of:

*: Partly in Norman Cross hundred, Huntingdonshire.

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