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For general guidance on editing in this wiki, see Wikishire:Editing Guide.

This Guide is provided to assist the editing of any article on a county of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

Wikishire has a strict policy that only traditional / historic counties may be used (see Policy).

The content of a county article is up to the contributor. Every county has an article already, though many will need building up or improvement.


Each article is already furnished with an Infobox, which provides the categorisation for the article:

{{Infobox county}}

This infobox must be left in place, though details may be added, updated and corrected. (See Template:Infobox county/doc)

In particular, the Infobox may lack a suitable picture. When you wish to add a picture to the infobox or to the article, please do not upload it to Wikishire. Wikishire uses the free image library at Wikimedia Commons. Simply give the file name it has on Commons and it will appear.

If you would like to add a picture or any other media to an article but it is not already on Commons, we invite you to upload that picture to Commons (and add whatever information and categories are relevant there)

In the infobox a picture illustrating the county should be added by putting its simple name in the "picture" field, and any desired caption in the "picture caption" field, for example:

| picture=King's College Chapel and Clare College from across the river - - 67682.jpg
| picture caption=King's College Chapel, Cambridge


Where references are used within braces (<ref>(text)</ref>), always add a "References" section at the end, containing the code {{Reflist}}