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Images and other media

Please illustrate Wikishire articles with pictures, but please do not upload them here. The wiki takes images from Wikimedia Commons. Simply give the file name it has on Commons and it wiil appear. For exmaple if the article contains:

Jonathan Trott.jpg

"[[File:Jonathan Trott.jpg|right|80px]]", then the result will be:

To add a caption beneath an image, add the code "|thumb|" and your text.

If you would like to add a picture or any other media to an article but it is not already on Commons, we invite you to upload that picture to Commons (and add whatever information and categories are relevant there)

Subdivision and proliferation of petty articles

Endless petty articles should be avoided. For example there is no need for an individual article on each station on the London Underground nor for each Birmingham bus route.

List articles have their place but with restraint; there is no need for a "List of wards in the City of Leicester" for example (let alone an article for each individual ward). If a list of wards is useful, they may be listed under a "Local government" section of the main Leicester article.

If there is a temptation to create an article for every [[link]], it would be better to rewrite the link to link into a section of a substantial article, or as a redirect to such an article. In that way the substantive article will inform on its own.