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Wikishire is where you are; whether you are on the Shetland islands or the South Shetland Islands, or the places between, Wikishire is a growing guide on all you need to know about the British and Irish lands.

It is a freely editable encyclopædia where anyone can contribute by following our Editing Guide and Policies.

We also provide other resources that editors may find helpful:

  • A map of Great Britain and Ireland, available in four variations;
  • A set of tools allowing postcodes and grid references to be cross referenced with counties;
  • GIS border data of the Counties of Britain and Ireland; Ridings of Yorkshire, Tipperary and Cork; Parts of Lincolnshire; Lathes of Kent; and Rapes of Sussex; in many different formats.

In order to edit articles, you need to create an account, familiarise yourself with our policies, and then select the "Edit" tab on an existing page. If the page you want does not already exist then simply search for it and select "Create this page". Happy editing!