Wiay, Skye

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Gaelic: Bhuia/Fuidheigh


Wiay cliffs
Location: 57°20’24"N, 6°30’0"W
Grid reference: NG292363
Area: 366 acres
Highest point: 197 ft
Population: 0[1]

Wiay is a currently uninhabited island in Loch Bracadale off the coast of Skye in Inverness-shire.

Wiay lies west of Skye, a mile off the coast, near the village of Ullinish. It is the largest island in Loch Bracadale, with an area of 366 acres. Most of the coastline consists of vertical cliffs and the southern bluff is a striking overhanging cliff.[2] There are also several sea caves along the vertical cliff coast line.

The island has been uninhabited since the late 19th century.


There are two large herring gull colonies on the island.[2]


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