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{{#vardefine:tag1|{{#if:{{{num|}}}|{{{num}}}|{{{1}}}}}}}[http://list.historicengland.org.uk/resultsingle.aspx?uid={{#var:tag1}} {{#if:{{{desc|}}}|{{{desc}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{2}}}|{{PAGENAME}} }} }} }}]{{#if:{{{grade|}}}|&#32;(Grade {{{grade}}})}} (Historic England)<noinclude>
{{#if:{{{num|}}}|{{{num}}}|{{{1}}}}} {{#if:{{{desc|}}}|{{{desc}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{2}}}|{{PAGENAME}} }} }} }}]{{#if:{{{grade|}}}|&#32;(Grade {{{grade}}})}} (Historic England)<noinclude>

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NHLE }} (Historic England)

[edit] [{{#invoke:Purge|main}}] Template documentation

This template is used to provide a link to the Historic England — National Heritage List for England database (http://list.historicengland.org.uk/) for a specified listed building or object in England.

For listed buildings, the database records all those in England unlike Images of England (IoE), which records a snapshot of those listed at the turn of the millennium. The National Heritage List for England has similar information and includes a map, but not the IoE photograph. The database also records changes made to database entries since the Images of England site was created.

The database also contains the following registered historic locations or sites in England:

  • Historic Parks and Gardens
  • Scheduled monuments
  • Protected wrecks
  • Historic battlefields
  • World Heritage sites


Required parameter

  • Parameter 1 is the List Entry Number from the NHLE database.
  • Parameter 2 is the name of the entry. If this is omitted, it will assume the description is the page name

Optional parameters

  • grade: To identify the grade of a listed building. Enter as II, II* or I. Only appears if desc is also used.
  • type: to distinguish between "list" or "monument" etc (as a listed building or a scheduled ancient monument). If grade= is used, then "type" is disregarded as it must be a listed buildung entry. The options include:
    • list
    • battlefield
    • monument
    • world heritage site
    • wreck



Gives: National Heritage List 1188692: NHLE

{{NHLE|1188692|Southgate Underground station}}

Gives: National Heritage List Southgate Underground station: Underground station NHLE

{{NHLE|1188692|Southgate Underground station|grade=II*}}

Gives: National Heritage List 1188692: Southgate Underground station (Grade II* listing)

{{NHLE|1012126|Vespasian's Camp|type=monument}}

Gives: National Heritage List 1012126: Vespasian's Camp (Scheduled ancient monument entry)

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