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{{efn}} is used, together with {{notelist}}, to create explanatory notes.


{{efn|Footnote text}}

{{efn|name=footnote name|Footnote text}}

|name= Sets a standard reference name per WP:NAMEDREFS. The group name is always set to lower-alpha, thus the link labels are styled as lowercase Latin letters. However, this is not required because identical footnote markers are automatically identified and consolidated into a single footnote.

Remember that "=" cannot appear in an unnamed template parameter and "|" cannot appear in any template parameter. For "|", {{!}} can be used. For "=", {{=}} can be used or the parameter can be named 1= explicitly:

{{efn|1=Converting at a rate of Kr 20 = £1.}}


Using full citations in footnotes:


Using Template:Sfnote:


You can create multiple explanatory lists by closing {{notelist}}. This is useful when adding sources to elements such as multiple tables. Template:Markup

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{{#lst:Help:Cite errors/Cite error group refs without references|rlt}}