Summerleaze Footbridge

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Summerleaze Footbridge
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire
Summerleaze footbridge (Nancy).JPG
Summerleaze Footbridge, looking upstream
Carrying: Footpath
Crossing: River Thames
Grid reference: SU91617869
Location: 51°29’59"N, 0°40’54"W
Built 1996

The Summerleaze Footbridge is a footbridge across the River Thames in linking Dorney in Buckinghamshire on the north bank with Bray in Berkshire on the south.

The bridge is south of Dorney Reach Village, between Queen's Eyot and Monkey Island, about two miles downstream of Maidenhead Bridge, on the reach above Boveney Lock.

The footbridge was built as a gravel conveyor belt, taking gravel from the construction of Dorney Lake, a nearby purpose-built rowing lake belonging to Eton College, and takes its name "Summerleaze" from the firm who built it in 1996.

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