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Stour Head

Stoer Head is a headland north of Lochinver and the township of Stoer in Sutherland, marking the northern entrance to the Minch. A lighthouse, the Stoer Head Lighthouse, stands on the point.


The peninsula is about four miles long and two miles wide. It has a number of scattered, small settlements including Culkein, Balchladich and Achnacarnin. The lighthouse is at the end of a track three miles long which branches off the B869 Lochinver to Unapool road.[1] Further North up the coast are the Old Man of Stoer and the Point of Stoer, which can easily be reached from the lighthouse on foot.[1][2]

The Point of Stoer (NC021354; 58°15’48"N, 5°22’31"W) is the jutting headland at the very north of the peninsula, two miles north of the headland bearing the Stoer Head Lighthouse.

Around 10,000 visitors visit the lighthouse each year (necessitating the construction of a public toilet in 2013).[3] The two keepers' cottages are now holiday homes.[4]

The Stour Head Lighthouse


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