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Spynie New Parish Kirk
Spynie Palace

Spynie (or New Spynie) is a parish in Morayshire containing the villages of New Spynie and Bishopmill, and the site of Old Spinie, which was made a burgh of regality in 1452. It extends in length about four miles from west to east, with a mean breadth of about two miles, and is bounded by the parishes of Duffus, Drainie, St Andrews-Lhanbryd, Elgin, and Alves.

The original parish church of Spynie was located three miles north-east of its present location, close to Spynie Palace and the original port of Elgin. After the port became cut off from the sea and a new port was founded at what is now Lossiemouth, the population in the parish of Spynie gradually shifted away from the vicinity of the old church. In 1736 the modest new building was built at Quarrywood, closer to more of the population. The bellcote and some of the stone used to build it were brought from the old church, though a 17th-century cut stone by the small door has been built in upside-down. The minister had his own gate from the manse garden next door, and a private door directly into the pulpit so that he could carry out his Sabbath duties without having to mingle with his parishioners! The new church has no churchyard so burials still take place in the original.

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