River Livet

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Remains of a late 18th-century bridge over the River Livet

The River Livet is a Highland river in Banffshire, which ultimately is a tributary of the River Avon. It rises high in the Ladder Hills, flows through the village of Tomnavoulin and onto the Bridgend of Glenlivet.

At Glenlivet the river passing under the remains of a late 18th-century bridge before joining the River Avon, one of the main tributaries of the River Spey.

On its coursem, the river carves a dale, Glenlivet, which is known for the Glenlivet Estate and the whisky The Glenlivet.


The name 'Livet' may be derived from the Gaelic liobh and ait meaning "slippery" or "smooth" and "place".[1] Alternatively it has been suggested that it is either an early Gaelic or pre-Gaelic name meaning "full of water" or "floody".[2]


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