Newborough, Northamptonshire

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Parish Church, Newborough, Peterborough - - 51865.jpg
Parish Church, Newborough
Grid reference: TF2036006042
Location: 52°38’20"N, 0°13’22"W
Population: 1,670  (2011)
Post town: Peterborough
Postcode: PE6
Dialling code: 01733
Local Government
Council: Peterborough
Signpost in Newborough

Newborough is a village and parish in the Soke of Peterborough, in the extreme north-east of Northamptonshire. Newborough is situated five miles north of Peterborough itself and a protrusion of the parish between Eye and Borough Fen forms the easternmost part of the county. Newborough has a population of 1,670 according to the 2011 census [1]

Newborough is located along the B1443 and is a short distance away from the A16.


Newborough is directly translated to ‘new fortification’ from old English. Newborough was part of the Borough Fen, which was formed into a new parish in 1812.[2]

In the 1870s Newborough was described as: A parish in Peterborough district, Northampton; adjacent to the boundary with Lincoln and Cambridge. It was formed, in 1823, out of an open fenny common. With land that has been much improved by draining, and is now principally arable.[3]

Newborough parish is fairly new, having been formed in 1812. Shortly after 1900 many newer houses were built, and after the First World War council houses were added. After the Second World War a large council estate was built. Then private estates started to spring up making the village grow considerably. Newborough is a very scattered parish, which included a hamlet called Milking Nook, approximately a mile away from the village. On the south-western boundary run the ancient Roman Car Dyke which is unspoilt and a haven for wildlife.[4]

During the Saxon and mediæval periods Borough Fen lay underwater. In the 17th century, a Dutch engineer, Cornelius Vermuyden's began to drain the fenland. One of the earliest dykes cut was the Highland Drain, which runs parallel to the Thorney Road. Many more efficient drainage systems have led the way to mixed and arable farming. Today the main crops are cereals and sugar beet. However, with the decline of sugar refining in the area, Oil-seed rape and more recently Linseed have taken over.[5]

St Bartholomew Church

Newborough has a Gothic yellow-brick church dedicated to St Bartholomew. "Building work began on the church in 1823 and was completed in 1830. The work was financed by the sale of part of the Borough Fen Estate at the time of the enclosures in 1822. As the land on which it was built was already owned by the church, the royal coat of arms is displayed inside, high on the arched wall above the entrance to the sanctuary" [6]

Solar Farm

In early 2013 Peterborough Council planned to allow AECOM to build a solar farm and three wind turbines on a 500-acre region in Newborough.[7] However opposition meant that the plan to build three wind turbines was scrapped. There is still some debate over whether the solar farm should go ahead. The solar farm is estimated, by the council, to provide the council with an income of £30m over 25 years and providing locals with cheaper energy bills.[8]


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