Moorfoot Hills

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In the Moorfoot Hills

The Moorfoot Hills are a range of modest, rounded hills south of Edinburgh, extending over the southern stretch of Midlothian and into the east of Peeblesshire and northern Selkirkshire. They are a gentle introduction to the ranges which collectively form the Southern Uplands.

The Moorfoots run from Peebles in Peeblesshire, in a north easterly direction to Tynehead in Midlothian.

The highest of the Moorfoot Hills is Windlestraw Law, at 2,162 feet on the border of Peeblesshire with Selkirkshire. The summit of Blackhope Scar on the Peeblesshire-Midlothian border, at 2,136 feet, is the highest point in Midlothian.

Other hills include Dewar Hill, Garvald Law, Rough Moss (1,972 feet) and Peatrig Hill (1,490 feet).

Parts of the Moorfoot Hills are designated a Special Area of Conservation.

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