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Loch Erisort

Lochs is a parish on the west of isle of Lewis in Ross-shire, 12 miles south-west of Stornoway. This parish derives its name from the great number of lochs by which it is distinguished. Sea lochs include Loch Shiphoirt, Loch Claidh, Loch Bhrolluim, Loch Sealg, Loch Odhairn, Loch Erisort, Loch Liurboist, which innumerable freshwater lochs inland.

There are no towns or villages in the parish, with the inhabitants living in scattered hamlets or farms. They include, Leurbost, Grimshader, Crossbost, Keose, Laxay, Arivruaich, Kershader, Garvyard, Cromore, Gravir, Lemreway, Eishken.

The main A859 from Stornoway to Harris passes through the parish.

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