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This list of county tripoints shows where the borders of three counties meet. For each tripoint the counties are ordered with the first alphabetically given first, and the counties listed anti-clockwise around the point from there.

Great Britain

Caernarfonshire, Merionethshire and Denbighshire Three shire stone
Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire Three shire stone
Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire Three shire stone
Lancashire, Westmorland and Cumberland Three shire stone at the Wynrose Pass
Three Shire Heads Bridge and waterfall, at the junction of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire
County 1 County 2 County 3 Location and notes
Aberdeenshire Perthshire Angus 56°52’30"N, 3°22’19"W at the summit of Glas Maol
Aberdeenshire Angus Kincardineshire 56°57’29"N, 2°45’40"W
Aberdeenshire Inverness-shire Perthshire 56°56’6"N, 3°48’7"W at the summit of Càrn an Fhidhleir
Aberdeenshire Banffshire Inverness-shire 57°5’42"N, 3°41’2"W
Argyllshire Perthshire Inverness-shire 56°42’25"N, 4°36’22"W
Argyllshire Dunbartonshire Perthshire 56°19’26"N, 4°47’10"W
Ayrshire Dumfriesshire Lanarkshire 55°27’47"N, 3°59’10"W at Threeshire Hill
Ayrshire Wigtownshire Kirkcudbrightshire 55°3’4"N, 4°38’2"W
Ayrshire Kirkcudbrightshire Dumfriesshire 55°18’18"N, 4°6’43"W at the summit of Meikledodd Hill
Banffshire Morayshire Inverness-shire 57°17’46"N, 3°29’46"W
Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire 52°4’48"N, 0°9’29"W
Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire 51°49’52"N, 0°32’17"W
Bedfordshire Northamptonshire Buckinghamshire 52°11’38"N, 0°40’5"W in Threeshire wood
Bedfordshire Huntingdonshire Northamptonshire 52°19’23"N, 0°27’58"W as marked by a Three Shire Stone
Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Huntingdonshire 52°11’28"N, 0°17’20"W
Berkshire Hampshire Surrey 51°19’55"N, 0°46’26"W
Berkshire Surrey Buckinghamshire 51°27’4"N, 0°34’16"W
Berkshire Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire 51°32’56"N, 0°53’35"W
Berkshire Gloucestershire Wiltshire 51°40’12"N, 1°43’5"W
Berkshire Oxfordshire Gloucestershire 51°41’2"N, 1°38’49"W
Berkshire Wiltshire Hampshire 51°20’56"N, 1°29’13"W
Berwickshire Midlothian Roxburghshire 55°41’56"N, 2°49’34"W
Berwickshire East Lothian Midlothian 55°46’48"N, 2°54’29"W
Berwickshire Roxburghshire Northumberland 55°38’2"N, 2°20’6"W
Brecknockshire Carmarthenshire Glamorgan 51°47’17"N, 3°48’25"W
Brecknockshire Cardiganshire Carmarthenshire 52°7’41"N, 3°45’29"W
Brecknockshire Glamorgan Monmouthshire 51°46’23"N, 3°17’35"W
Brecknockshire Monmouthshire Herefordshire 51°59’2"N, 3°4’5"W
Brecknockshire Herefordshire Radnorshire 52°4’41"N, 3°7’34"W
Brecknockshire Radnorshire Cardiganshire 52°16’30"N, 3°42’25"W
Buckinghamshire Middlesex Hertfordshire 51°36’0"N, 0°30’4"W
Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire Oxfordshire 52°-0’58"N, 1°7’8"W
Buckinghamshire Surrey Middlesex 51°26’6"N, 0°31’23"W
Caernarfonshire Merionethshire Denbighshire 52°57’40"N, 3°50’2"W as marked by the Three shire stone
Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk 52°3’58"N, 0°24’18"E
Cambridgeshire Hertfordshire Essex 52°3’14"N, 0°2’24"E
Cambridgeshire Lincolnshire Northamptonshire 52°39’7"N, 0°8’28"W
Cambridgeshire Norfolk Lincolnshire 52°44’10"N, 0°11’17"E
Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire Huntingdonshire 52°34’5"N, 0°14’20"W
Cambridgeshire Suffolk Norfolk 52°26’10"N, 0°25’44"E
Cardiganshire Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire 51°47’17"N, 3°48’25"W
Cardiganshire Montgomeryshire Merionethshire 52°33’36"N, 3°55’37"W
Cardiganshire Radnorshire Montgomeryshire 52°21’18"N, 3°39’47"W
Cheshire Denbighshire Flintshire 53°2’17"N, 2°51’29"W with detached part of Flintshire
Cheshire Flintshire Shropshire 52°58’59"N, 2°43’41"W with detached part of Flintshire
Cheshire Shropshire Staffordshire 52°59’56"N, 2°22’52"W
Cheshire Staffordshire Derbyshire 53°12’50"N, 1°59’13"W at Three Shires Head
Cheshire Derbyshire Yorkshire 53°30’40"N, 1°49’48"W
Cheshire Yorkshire Lancashire 53°31’12"N, 2°2’18"W
Cheshire Flintshire Denbighshire 53°7’59"N, 2°57’50"W
Clackmannanshire Fife Perthshire 56°7’55"N, 3°38’10"W
Cromartyshire Ross-shire Sutherland 57°58’41"N, 4°57’4"W
Cumberland Roxburghshire Dumfriesshire 55°6’29"N, 2°51’29"W
Cumberland Durham Northumberland 54°47’28"N, 2°18’43"W
Cumberland Lancashire Westmorland 54°24’54"N, 3°6’58"W as marked by the Three shire stone
Cumberland Northumberland Roxburghshire 55°11’17"N, 2°41’24"W
Cumberland Westmorland Durham 54°41’49"N, 2°21’22"W
Denbighshire Shropshire Flintshire 52°57’50"N, 2°58’8"W with detached part of Flintshire
Denbighshire Merionethshire Montgomeryshire 52°52’37"N, 3°23’20"W
Denbighshire Montgomeryshire Shropshire 52°48’11"N, 3°9’40"W
Derbyshire Leicestershire Nottinghamshire 52°52’26"N, 1°16’5"W
Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Yorkshire 53°18’18"N, 1°12’4"W as marked by the Shire Oak
Derbyshire Staffordshire Leicestershire 52°42’32"N, 1°37’1"W
Devon Dorset Somerset 50°52’23"N, 3°3’14"W
Dorset Wiltshire Somerset 51°4’44"N, 2°19’26"W
Dorset Hampshire Wiltshire 50°55’44"N, 1°50’2"W
Dumfriesshire Selkirkshire Peeblesshire 55°26’2"N, 3°17’13"W
Dumfriesshire Peeblesshire Lanarkshire 55°24’14"N, 3°29’20"W
Dumfriesshire Roxburghshire Selkirkshire 55°21’22"N, 3°6’47"W
Dunbartonshire Renfrewshire Lanarkshire 55°53’35"N, 4°19’34"W
Dunbartonshire Stirlingshire Perthshire 56°18’7"N, 4°40’16"W
Dunbartonshire Lanarkshire Stirlingshire 55°54’43"N, 4°17’38"W with main body of Dunbartonshire and
55°56’20"N, 4°10’37"W and 55°56’13"N, 3°53’53"W with detached part
Durham Westmorland Yorkshire 54°39’-0"N, 2°17’13"W
Essex Hertfordshire Middlesex 51°40’52"N, 0°-0’43"W
Essex Middlesex Kent 51°30’22"N, 0°0’29"E
Fife Kinross-shire Perthshire 56°9’29"N, 3°32’13"W and 56°16’44"N, 3°24’4"W
Gloucestershire Herefordshire Monmouthshire 51°49’34"N, 2°39’4"W
Gloucestershire Oxfordshire Warwickshire 51°59’13"N, 1°39’58"W also meeting a detached part of Worcestershire at the Four shire stone
Gloucestershire Somerset Wiltshire 51°25’44"N, 2°17’38"W as marked by the Three shire stone
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Worcestershire 52°7’48"N, 1°51’7"W as marked by the Three Shire Elms
Gloucestershire Worcestershire Herefordshire 52°1’12"N, 2°21’7"W
Hampshire Sussex Surrey 51°5’10"N, 0°45’14"W
Herefordshire Shropshire Radnorshire 52°20’56"N, 2°57’18"W
Herefordshire Worcestershire Shropshire 52°18’29"N, 2°36’54"W
Inverness-shire Morayshire Nairnshire 57°21’32"N, 3°47’2"W
Kent Surrey Sussex 51°8’31"N, 0°2’56"E
Lancashire Yorkshire Westmorland 54°14’24"N, 2°27’36"W
Lanarkshire West Lothian Stirlingshire 55°53’46"N, 3°49’23"W
Lanarkshire Midlothian West Lothian 55°48’54"N, 3°42’58"W
Lanarkshire Peeblesshire Midlothian 55°46’16"N, 3°28’23"W
Leicestershire Northamptonshire Rutland 52°31’30"N, 0°42’50"W
Leicestershire Warwickshire Northamptonshire 52°23’49"N, 1°12’4"W
Leicestershire Staffordshire Warwickshire 52°41’13"N, 1°35’20"W
Leicestershire Rutland Lincolnshire 52°45’22"N, 0°39’50"W
Leicestershire Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire 52°58’37"N, 0°46’41"W
Lincolnshire Rutland Northamptonshire 52°38’24"N, 0°30’7"W
Lincolnshire Yorkshire Nottinghamshire 53°30’32"N, 0°56’38"W as marked by the Three Shire Bush
Middlesex Surrey Kent 51°29’38"N, 0°1’48"W
Midlothian Peeblesshire Selkirkshire 55°41’6"N, 3°0’4"W
Midlothian Selkirkshire Roxburghshire 55°38’56"N, 2°51’40"W
Northamptonshire Warwickshire Oxfordshire 52°10’5"N, 1°19’52"W as marked by the Three shire stones
Shropshire Worcestershire Staffordshire 52°24’14"N, 2°19’59"W
Staffordshire Worcestershire Warwickshire 52°26’46"N, 1°56’42"W


County 1 County 2 County 3 Location and notes
Antrim Armagh Down 54°30’36"N, 6°21’29"W in the south of Lough Neagh
Antrim Londonderry Tyrone 54°41’6"N, 6°28’12"W in the north of Lough Neagh
Antrim Tyrone Armagh 54°34’5"N, 6°25’37"W in the south of Lough Neagh
Armagh Monaghan Louth 54°2’38"N, 6°35’42"W
Armagh Tyrone Monaghan 54°19’48"N, 6°51’50"W
Cork Limerick Kerry 52°17’53"N, 9°13’1"W
Cork Tipperary Limerick 52°17’17"N, 8°10’59"W
Cork Waterford Tipperary 52°12’22"N, 8°6’18"W
Carlow Kilkenny Wexford 52°27’50"N, 6°55’1"W
Carlow Wexford Wicklow 52°42’32"N, 6°37’12"W
Carlow Laois Kilkenny 52°47’35"N, 7°3’36"W south of Three Counties Bridge
Carlow Kildare Laois 52°52’48"N, 6°56’20"W
Cavan Longford Westmeath 53°46’44"N, 7°24’36"W
Cavan Westmeath Meath 53°47’53"N, 7°20’35"W
Cavan Meath Monaghan 53°55’1"N, 6°45’43"W
Cavan Monaghan Fermanagh 54°6’47"N, 7°19’12"W
Cavan Fermanagh Leitrim 54°18’14"N, 7°56’46"W in Upper Lough McNean
Cavan Leitrim Longford 53°56’17"N, 7°36’36"W
Clare Limerick Tipperary 52°45’25"N, 8°28’48"W
Clare Tipperary Galway 52°54’43"N, 8°24’29"W in the south of Lough Derg
Donegal Leitrim Fermanagh 54°27’54"N, 8°10’41"W
Donegal Fermanagh Tyrone 54°36’32"N, 7°42’11"W
Donegal Tyrone Londonderry 54°56’42"N, 7°23’31"W
Dublin Kildare Wicklow 53°14’2"N, 6°28’30"W
Dublin Meath Kildare 53°23’17"N, 6°27’36"W
Fermanagh Monaghan Tyrone 54°20’17"N, 7°11’20"W
Galway Offaly Roscommon 53°16’26"N, 8°3’22"W
Galway Roscommon Mayo 53°39’54"N, 8°49’23"W
Kildare Offaly Laois 53°10’5"N, 7°6’22"W
Kildare Meath Offaly 53°22’52"N, 7°4’55"W
Kilkenny Tipperary Waterford 52°20’35"N, 7°22’19"W
Kilkenny Waterford Wexford 52°16’34"N, 7°0’0"W
Kilkenny Laois Tipperary 52°46’52"N, 7°40’26"W
Laois Offaly Tipperary 53°57’29"N, 7°43’48"W
Leitrim Sligo Roscommon 54°6’32"N, 8°9’47"W
Leitrim Roscommon Longford 53°49’16"N, 7°55’8"W
Longford Roscommon Westmeath 53°31’19"N, 7°58’12"W in Lough Ree
Louth Monaghan Meath 53°54’7"N, 6°41’42"W
Mayo Roscommon Sligo 53°55’16"N, 8°29’17"W in the south of Lough Gara
Meath Westmeath Offaly 53°25’23"N, 7°11’31"W
Offaly Galway Tipperary 53°10’1"N, 8°4’52"W
Offaly Westmeath Roscommon 53°21’47"N, 7°55’23"W