Hedgehope Hill

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Hedgehope Hill
Hedgehope Hill from Scald Hill - geograph.org.uk - 1421255.jpg
Hedgehope Hill from Scald Hill
Range: Cheviot Hills
Summit: 2,343 feet NT9438619796
55°28’19"N, 2°5’25"W

Hedgehope Hill is a mountain in the Cheviot Hills of northern Northumberland; one of the highest of the Cheviots, exceed only by the Cheviot itself and its subsidiary tops. Its summit reaches 2,343 feet, about three miles from the boundary of Roxburghshire.

The mountain is best climbed from Langleeford in the Harthope Valley, over which it looms. A slightly gentler climb, though a longer distance, is from Linhope in the Breamish valley, approaching from the south east. An alternative route to the summit could involve a long day's climb of both the Cheviot and Hedgehope Hill starting and finishing at Langleeford. It is a steep climb from any approach, best reserved for fitter walkers though the steepest inclines are not long in distance.

Hedgehope has steeper sides than the taller but flatter-topped Cheviot and affords excellent views on all sides. On a clear day, views stretch to Blyth down the coastline up to forty miles away.