Hart's Weir Footbridge

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Hart's Weir Footbridge
Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Hart's Weir Footbridge.jpg
Hart's Weir Bridge
Carrying: Footpath
Crossing: River Thames
Grid reference: SP42020105
Location: 51°42’24"N, 1°23’36"W
Material: Concrete

Hart's Weir Footbridge is a single-span concrete footbridge across the River Thames, between Oxfordshire on the north bank and Berkshire on the south bank. Locally, it is also known as ‘Rainbow Bridge’, due to its rainbow-arc appearance as seen from the horizon. It is situated on the reach above Northmoor Lock, the nearest village being Appleton, Berkshire to the east.

The bridge was built in 1879 on the site of a weir that was removed a year later. Then known as Hart’s Weir, it had previously been Ridge’s, Langley’s, Cock’s, Rudge’s, and Butler’s Weir.[1] Sixteen years later Northmoor Lock was built downstream.

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  1. Fred. S. Thacker, The Thames Highway Vol II Locks and Weirs, 1920

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