Great Rhos

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Great Rhos
Great Rhos.jpg
Great Rhos summit trig point
Range: Cambrian Mountains
Summit: 2,166 feet SO18226390
52°16’2"N, 3°11’59"W

Great Rhos is a mountain in Radnorshire; the highest point of that county. It is within the Radnor Forest, not in woodland (the Forest was such in the mediæval sense of a game reserve, though wooded on lower slopes).

Great Rhos rises as a great mass of rock in the forest, its top a vast, flat plateau of boggy heather moorland.

The slopes drop away steeply on each side of the broad plateau. To the east it drops away into Harley Dingle, the steep, forbidden valley used as a shooting range and testing ground for ammunition and where the unwary trespasser may find the odd live shell underfoot.


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