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Findlater Castle.

Findlater Castle is the old seat of the Earls of Findlater and Seafield, sitting on a 50-foot-high cliff overlooking the Moray Firth on the coast of Banffshire. It lies about ten miles west of Banff, near the village of Sandend, between Cullen and Portsoy. The cliffs here contain quartz; the name "Findlater" is derived from the Scots Gaelic words fionn ("white") and leitir ("cliff or steep slope"). The first historical reference to the castle is from 1246. King Alexander III repaired this castle in the 1260s in preparation for an invasion by King Haakon IV of Norway. The Vikings took and held the castle for some time. The castle remains that are still there are from the 14th-century rebuilding, when the castle was redesigned based on the Roslyn Castle model.

The castle is a scheduled monument.[1]


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