Eilean Meadhonach

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Eilean Meadhonach

Crowlin Islands

Crowlin Harbour - geograph.org.uk - 1242147.jpg
Crowlin Harbour
Location: 57°20’42"N, 5°50’42"W
Grid reference: NG687348
Area: 190 acres
Highest point: 177 feet
Population: 0

Eilean Meadhonach is the second largest of the Crowlin Islands, lying in the Inner Sound off the island of Skye, and belonging to the Applecross parish of Ross-shire.

The island lies immediately to the west of Eilean Mòr, while to the north is Eilean Beag, to both of which Eilean Meadhonach is connected at low tide.[1] Its name is appropriate, meaning "Middle Island".

The island's total area is 190.3 acres (77.0 ha)[1][2] although Haswell-Smith also provides a figure of 124 acres for the area, which might include Eilean Beag, while the lower figure is for Eilean Meadhonach alone at high tide.

Crowlin Harbour is at the northern end of the narrow gap, just 50 yards, between Eilean Meadhonach and Eilean Mòr and provides a natural shelter from westerly and southerly winds. It provides a possible anchorage, in a small pool at the centre of the strait.[1]

Excavations on Eilean Mòr have shown evidence of Mesolithic settlement[1] and there are the remains of a midden and rock shelter on the north west coast of Eilean Meadhonach.[3]

Eilean Mòr has ruined cottages from historic times although there is no evidence of permanent recent habitation on Eilean Meadhonach. Eilean Beag has a light beacon and the remains of old shielings.



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