Eilean Mòr, Crowlin Islands

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Eilean Mòr

Crowlin Islands

Ruined houses - geograph.org.uk - 507482.jpg
A ruined cottage on Eilean Mòr
Location: 57°20’24"N, 5°49’48"W
Grid reference: NG695343
Area: 420 acres
Highest point: Meall a' Chòis 374 feet
Population: 0

Eilean Mòr is the largest of the Crowlin Islands, which lie in the Inner Sound off Skye, and belong to the Ross-shire parish of Applecross.

Eilean Mòr is at the mouth of Loch Carron, off the south coast of Applecross and is connected to the adjacent Eilean Meadhonach at low tide.

Excavations on Eilean Mòr have shown evidence of human settlement in Mesolithic times 8,000 years ago. Ruined cottages can be seen in the north-east corner, near Camas na h-Annait ("church bay").[1]

In the middle of the nineteenth century tenants were cleared from Applecross to make way for sheep. A group of families unwilling to take passage to far-off lands were settled on Crowlin Mòr (Eilean Mòr), to make what living they could by fishing and farming.[2] From about 1810 to 1920 Eilean Mòr was home to several families. In the course of time the families slipped back to Applecross and the island has been uninhabited since about 1920.



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