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Edgarhope Wood

Edgarhope is a valley and its area in Berwickshire, in and about what is perhaps the finest part of Lauderdale, where the River Leader is joined by new burns off the Lammermuir Hills amongst a mixture of deep wooded hillsides falling to well-watered dale bottoms and above them the windswept hillsides of Lammermuir.

Edgarhope Law rises up to the high moorlands to the east of the dale and Edgarhope Moor forms the south-western side of the hill. Edgarhope Wood coats the western side of the Edgarhope Moor, running down to the broadening stream of Earnscleugh Water. On the edge of the hill above the wood is Dabshead Hill, with the earthworks of a fort.

The name "-hope" is an Old English word for "valley" and is found often hereabouts. To which Edgar the name refers cannot be said for certain; romantically we may attribute it to King Edgar I of the English of King Edgar of the Scots, both of whom ruled here, or maybe simply to a farmer of that name.

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