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Eaton Ford
Location: 52°13’38"N, 0°17’9"W
Post town: St. Neots
Postcode: PE19
Local Government
Council: Huntingdonshire

Eaton Ford is a village in Bedfordshire which has effectively become an outer environ of St Neots. Eaton Ford stands on the western bank of the Great Ouse, which forms the county boundary, separated from St Neots itself, in Huntingdonshire across the river.

Notwithstanding the growth of new houses, the old village centre is still identifiable, around a triangular village green and several old farmhouses remaining amongst the newer houses.


In Anglo-Saxon times Eaton Ford was known as Suðburg ("Sudbury") but became known as Eaton Ford as it stood at a fording place over the Ouse next to the village of Eatun (Eaton Socon). Until there was a bridge, Eaton Ford was the main route from the south to the town of St Neots.

In recent decades Eaton Ford has expanded swiftly, but generally it began later than other parts of "Greater St Neots" which were included in the London overspill programme. From the 1960s until the 1980s there were four main housing developments: the Milton Avenue and Gainsborough Avenue area (the 'Poets' Estate); the Meadowsweet, Silverweed and Burwell Road developments (Bovis Estate); the area around Brook Road and Orchard Road; and the Trafalgar Road / Jutland Rise area (Battles Estate). There have also been a number of smaller infill developments on brownfield sites in the area.

As Eaton Ford grew, it absorbed the ancient hamlets of Crosshall Ford and Maltmans Green. The name 'Crosshall' remains in the name of a local school, a road, and some recently erected roundabout signs. Maltmans Green is believed to have been around the area of Milton Avenue.

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